When a person walks into my home they know emmediately what my life is about. On the porch there are many toys that my three kids have been playing with. When you walk into my door there is almost always a few toys that have been left out. My book shelf is mixed with my books and children stories. You will see my children’s art work every where. I love being surrounded by my family which can be seen by any one who visits.
My home is very different then my grandparents house. Even though my home is very kid friendly I also like technology. I have a computer, the newest printer, a flat screen tv, iPhone, microwave and etc. I live in a normal 21st century home. My grandparents home was very simple. The most they had in technology was a tv and phone. As time changes so have homes. Even with all the changes home is still where the heart is!

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Glendi Festival

Glendi Festival

Party! Glendi is the greek word for party. The parish of St. Seraphim hold this party called Glendi every year (except last year due to a building project.). For several years before becoming part of this parish my husband and I would come to Glendi because there was a beautiful gathering of many people from all kinds of walks of life to celebrate life! I have met people who were business professionals, truck drivers, teachers, students, homemakers and many other places in life. I have met people of all kinds of cultures, ages and faiths that all have connected for the week-end in celebrating life!

A parking lot is transformed into a party. Tents are put out with food from different places of the world. A stage is put up for bands and an area for dancing. Then there are tables and bales of hay for people to sit on to eat, drink and visit. At night-time there are twinkling white lights stringed around the big tent and trees and the mood for a party is set up. All this done in a simple church parking lot!

Now that I am part of this parish and work in this event I still find it amazing how every year strangers come together to eat, socialize and meet new friends. I have also seen how friends who have not seen each other for months or years can meet together in the spirit of celebration and it is as if no time has gone by!

No matter what kind of ups and downs have gone on in ones life we can always come together to celebrate!

I reread the criteria that Paul Groth teaches and I see all seven criteria in this scene. It was tough for me to choose just two. The two that seemed to be strongest were connecting to social groups and to strangers.

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We Are Family

This song is one of my favorites because with out my family that has been given to me both by birth and by friendship, life would not be the joy and adventure that it is! My family and friends are so much a part of who I am.

I am going back to school after 20+ years to pursue a degree in nutrition. I am taking English 1A as part of this goal. This class is required for my general education but I believe it is important for my over all goals. My pursuit into nutrition is not only for my future career goals but also for my personal life. I have an autoimmune disease which is compounded by being over weight. Two and half years ago I began to learn how to have a healthy style of eating. To date I have lost over 60 pounds and I am much healthier and enjoying a more active life. Since then my oldest son has been diagnosed with mild autism and my middle daughter has been diagnosed with Celiac disease (another autoimmune disease). I am learning that nutrition is very important for both of my children and myself and could help my third child not develop an autoimmune disease which she is genetically predispose to. I believe that this class will help me in my educational goals as well as my career goals. I hope to become a nutritionist and help my family and others to live a healthier life!

I look forward to this class and learning with all of you!


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